Why Choose The Happy Box

The Happy Box is an imaginative party in a box with unique custom styled decor and an eclectic mix of everything you need for your party.

Planning a beautiful birthday party for your child is something you love to do, but there is no doubt – it can be a lot of work and can take up precious time that you might not have. The Happy Box is born out of a desire to take the hassle away from planning the party of your dreams and let you focus more on enjoying your little one’s special day. 

8 Reasons to choose the Happy Box

  1. Favorite Birthday Themes: Happy Box embraces classic child interests and other interesting themes such as dinosaurs, princesses, circus and the animals.
  2. All you need for your party – in one box: Based on our experience in party planning, we have curated only the decor elements and activities you need to throw an amazing party. You also don’t have to spend time matching plates, napkins, cups etc, we’ve already done that for you!
  3. Designed with love: Each of the decor element is lovingly thought out, custom designed, styled and produced by us to deliver true style and originality.
  4. Party Setup Videos: Happy girl Alishka helps you set up your entire party with her fun and sunshine DIY party videos.
  5. Save time: Trawling through multiple online stores and skimming through hundreds of party supply products at local shops can be daunting and a time-consuming task. With the Happy Box, we bring the party to your doorstep!
  6. Save money: Ordering party supplies from various party sources can quickly add up.
  7. High quality: A combination of beautiful, reusable, keepsake-quality products.
  8. CELEBRATE LIFE: More time to celebrate your little one’s birthday.