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Testimonials from our Happy customers:

Such a life saver! The Happy Box actually got delivered to my home in less than a week and I didn't have to go around town looking for any other party supplies as I got everything that I needed in the box. Can't forget to mention how gorgeous all the stuff in the Unicorn theme is. You made me Happy :)

For theme: Ruby Buttercup, the magical Unicorn.

- Poonam Mehta.

Beautifully designed, carefully curated and totally stylish!

If you’re the kind of mom who checks our Instagram and Pinterest on a regular basis and struggles to recreate it on your kid’s birthday, then you must try out The Happy Box. I used to pick up plates from one place, the theme ( a done-to-death one) from another store and cake toppers from another, it’s such a waste of time. When I ordered the Happy Box, I purely went by the design – it’s chic and so stunning. But when I got it I realized how many things they put into it and how easy it was to plan a party in any theme in minutes. Plus, it was cost-effective. My daughter loved the mermaid theme and the kids went berserk over the props. Perfect for an intimate party and so easy to set-up. Thank you, Happy People, for making parties easier for working moms!

For theme: Mystical world of Mermaids

- Latha Sunadh.

My son loved the Dino theme party, especially the return gift and the Diy Dino Puppet as he really likes Diy craft activities. He has actually put up the Dino that he painted and decorated on his room wall. Thanks for the lovely party Happy People!

For theme: Dinos Roar, Stomp and Chomp!

- Ruchita Dixit.