The Beginning....

5 years ago if you had asked me what I wanted to do... I would have said "I have no clue" and I really didn't. I had a teeny tiny new born baby and still lots of time on hand... but not enough to really "work" 
But my crafty fingers refused to lay idle! 
I started making little cards and cake topper and cupcake toppers... all happily inspired by the spanking new website Pinterest... on which you would find me morning evening night! 
I started selling these on a website called handmade and at a little cafe in Jaipur... my husband and now partner came up with the name HappyPeople! And I remember loving it at first sound! And people loved it... every time till date I say we are called Happy People Studio I see peoples faces light up just a little bit! 
I still remember my first 'Happy Box' version... It was completely hand made and looked really cute. But it was really small like a mini version and I really didn't know how to sell it!!


In between we shifted cities, came back to Bombay... and I started taking on full birthdays. It was crazy and hectic and did I mention crazy?! But I loved every second of it... even so the Happy box was always at the back of my mind.
So I tried another version. Again super handmade and still very raw around the edges but closer to what I wanted to do. It was a box for 10 kids. 

I would brainstorm about it with Aadi and we would really get into how it could be something that moms would really need... but at that time he was working with a company and I couldn't take it on myself. 
Cut to last year when I had so many birthdays coming in that I had started refusing work, that we decided its best we partner up! 
After a few birthdays together we both just naturally went back to the HappyBox idea... because man... its a great idea!! 

A box full of all party supplies... a reason for moms to not stress about their kids birthdays... old school home parties that look like its been done by a party planner at less than an eighth of the price.... who is going to say no to that! 
And once we started we never looked back! 
In fact we have so many more ideas and plans for the Happy Box that we can't wait to share with you guys... so stick around..
Love and Sunshine!


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