10 birthday traditions

There is something magical about a birthday.
Something about having an entire day dedicated just to you, where you get unlimited attention, cake and loads of gifts!
Its perfect for an adult for sure, but for a kid... its something else! 
The other day we were discussing what were the things we found extra special during our birthdays growing up... and we realized that they were the simple little things our parents did every year that became a sort of tradition. 
Here are a few of those ideas! 
1. Bake a Cake!
Cakes on a birthday are a must of course, but the entire process of baking a cake with your parent is so fun! I remember my mum would always bake my birthday cake and I would hang around the kitchen licking off that delumptious cake batter!! Looking back I realize it was also one of the most fun times I spent with my mum!
Now you don't have to be a brilliant baker and you don't have to make a complicated cake...but if you were to bake a little cake with your kiddo the day before the birthday it could really become a sweet tradition!
You can try this super easy recipe of this yummy looking muffin mini cake!
Of course if you're just not into baking... simply hand over a tiny cupcake first thing in the morning for breakfast and see that face light up!
2. A Birthday Interview!
This is a really fun idea! Have a set of questions printed out and every birthday ask your kiddo to answer them. You could even do it while taking a video of them ( This digital age I tell ya!!)
Imagine handing them the video or the interview sheets when they turn 18!
PS: mail us at aditya@happypeoplestudio.com for your customized birthday interview!!
3. A Birthday Hat or Crown!
The best part about a birthday for a kid is that they feel super special all through the day because it simply is -Their Day!!
So make an adorable birthday hat or crown just for them!
And let them wear it all day long feeling like a little Queen or King!!
If you want to make it a tradition, save the hat or crown and only pull it out during birthdays!
4. Pack a special lunch!
Fun meals!
Kids love celebrating their birthday at school. The fact that they are allowed to wear casual clothes, bring and cut a cake.. its all very special.
So not exactly like the above ideas, but I remember my mum packing me my favorite lunch at school on my birthdays. This one year she sent me paani puri... yes...actual puris in a box, moong chana and potatoes in another box and paani in a bottle!!!
So take a little effort birthday morning and pack something super special...because imagine your kiddo opening their tiffin box and finding a cute surprise like the above! It really will mean the world to them!
5. Candles in... Everything!
Candles in sandwiches and donuts!
I don't know what it is about candles but kids just love them! So how about you put one in everything... the morning mini cake, a sandwich, a donut ... go nuts and put it on the pizza for dinner!!
I guarantee the kids will love it!
6. Lots of little presents!
I know I know too many presents is basically spoiling the kids.. but come on.. its their birthday! How about you get that one big gift... but get some tiny treats and toys as well. Small cars, some candy, some books, a few fun erasers or pencils. And gift wrap each of them separately so that they feel like they got so many gifts!! And give them one every hour or two... so that through the day they have that crazy high of opening a new gift!
7. Make a Birthday Shirt!
Buy one or Make One!
Either get a cute birthday t shirt printed at your local printer shop or if you feel crafty enough... paint something along with your kid on a plain T-shirt.... Remember to put the date on somewhere!
Also I have to admit I used to (and still kinda do) find matchy matchy family T-shirts super corny.. But my not-at-all-corny kiddo has actually asked for us all to wear matchy t-shirts on his upcoming birthday.. and I really am thinking of doing it!  
8. Fill the car with balloons!
Before you head out for a birthday dinner or lunch, fill the backseat with a bunch of balloons and watch your kid go nuts! Heck I think we should do this just for fun even if there is no birthday!! 
9. Let them pick their meals!
This will make for a great tradition! Starting from breakfast and all the way to dinner for one day let them pick what they want to eat!!
Be prepared for chocolate cake being the top meal choice all day.. followed by fries and pizzas and other such junk stuff... but hey..its their birthday!
10. Balloon Money!
This may be more of an idea for older kids... put some money in balloons and blow them up (One for each year maybe?!!) and have them burst the balloons to get to the money... don't forget to add the confetti!!
So here you have it... ten fun ways to make your kiddo feel extra special on their special day... 
A Happy People Tip: Make a few things a tradition by repeating them over the years.. this will give them something to look forward to each year and it will make for some great memories!!


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